Rabbit Joint Chair . 2014
A chair that has six rabbit joints. 

Rabbit joint is new joinery system made out of bio resin.  >>more

HH . Platform Furniture . 2013

HH is platform furniture consisting of poles sticks and special screws. 

Just choose as many poles and sticks you like and assemble to make your favourite shape. >>more

TEA . Stool . 2012 

TEA stool has special spaces on its both side. You can enjoy the spaces in many ways.  

You can put objects , like a cup of tea , on the space. Also you can hang your bags up there. >>more

camera o1. Digital Camera . 2012 

A conceptual digital camera with e-ink display. E-ink plays with the time your pictures were taken.  

The numbers can be exciting elements as well as records of memories.  >>more

Light wi
thin Light . Floor LED lamp . 2012 imm Cologne

Multiple panels repeated inside make small rooms and express depth of light. 

LEDs creates indirect lighting zones without heat. >>more

EQUINOX collection
 .  Modular Carpet for Mannington Commercial . 2011

Equinox Collection offers visual fields of light & shadow rendered as pure texture. 

Using a proprietary ultra-large denier fiber with patented variable twist technology. >> more

Q R .  Interactive Modular Carpet for Mannington Commercial . 2011

QR is a beautifully designed carpet inspired by QR patterns, showcasing texture and geometry in a random sophisticated look and feel. 

It comes in a range of bold color combinations and more subtle, tonal pairings. >> more

COLORLESS . Eco-friendly package proposal . 2009
A convex logo substitutes  colorfully spayed can.
It reduces energy and effort to separate toxic color from aluminum.  >>more


DEWS . Tooth brush . 2009

DEWS is an upstanding toothbrush that incorporates a weight within its rounded handle base to 

keep the bristles away from dirty surfaces.  >>more

TIME SWITCH . Wall clock . 2009
It is for the people who want to turn the time off for a while. It doesn't show you the time if you turn the switch off. 
As soon as you turn it on, the projection starts to light up from the back and show the time.  >>more


POCKET LIGHT . Portable lamp . 2008
Sharing the blissful moments with your beloved. Draw out a little light which 
can be the best conveyor of your feeling.  >>more

4 season2013

4 SEASONS . Calendar . Published by BASHEER GRAPHIC BOOKS 2010

This calendar is about time. The relation between past and present.

The part of last month remains. As we tear each page, the remain connects to the other months.

The whole picture shows the floating of time. One leaf beautifully changes its color according to the season changes. >>more


FREE WIND . Air-conditioner . 2008
Ceiling mounted type air conditioner with customizable air flows  >>more

NEW YORK CITY . Art work for CitID project / www.citid.net . 2010

It shows dynamic surfaces and light up city's diverse aspects. >>more


MAPLE PHONE . Mobile phone concept . 2008
Maple phone fits user's life style like 'need basic function special emotion'. 
Whole body is covered with thin wooden film. 
Touch sensors under film with back light deliver the stimulation. 
"It is just a piece of wood until you touch it."